Citizen Scientist Opportunity


Fairfax County Park Authority through Riverbend and Huntley Meadows Parks are sponsoring an opportunity for high school students to get involved with citizen science. The opportunity is open to the general public, but they’re reaching out to high schoolers, as this would be a great way to supplement their natural science curriculums.

Training provided will prepare students to participate either in their own communities or at Riverbend Park. This is a hands-on science learning activity and contributes valuable information to local research about insects and birds. Caterpillars and other insects live on the trees and plants all around us. They make up a critical part of many ecosystems and are an important food source for birds and other organisms. In the workshop, we'll introduce participants to Caterpillars Count!, a new citizen science project designed by biologists from the University of North Carolina, and show them how then can become a part of research linking birds to their insect food sources on trees.

If you are interested in taking part in this opportunity. Sign up for the workshops is easy, just follow this link.

caterpillar flyer (Screen Readable PDF below.)

Program Flyer (PDF Version)