Mr. Aparicio, Ms. Aparicio, and Ms. Cartagena Recognized by FCPS!

December 2018 FCPS Cares Region 3 Recipients

By Department of Human Resources
February 12, 2019

Congratulations to Mr. Henry Aparicio, Ms. Jeanette Aparicio, and Ms. Elba Cartagena on being recognized as the December FCPS Cares Recipients of the Month for Region 3 by the Department of Human Resources. Congratulations, Mr. Fernandez!

Below is the write up submitted by Ms. Drickey, a colleague at Hayfield Secondary. 

hayfield secondary school custodial staff
The Hayfield Secondary custodial staff was recognized with a December FCPS Cares recognition.

During one of our lunch shifts, a middle school student came down to the cafeteria to look for her lost retainer. Upon realizing it was gone, she immediately began to panic. After checking with Henry about the location of the earlier trash, he came and escorted me and the student to the outside dumpster. There, we were joined by Elba and then Jeanette and proceeded to continue the search. Henry shut off the power to the compactor and climbed into the machine in order to start pulling trash bags. Elba and Jeanette joined and assisted in combing through three lunch shifts worth of trash from both the middle school and high school lunches in search for a small, clear, plastic retainer. These three and their actions are exactly the examples every staff member in FCPS and any other school system should strive to be. There was no hesitation, no grumbling, no complaining. They jumped right in and side by side with the student searched trash bag after trash bag. They even made sure that they comforted the student throughout the search and after the search ended with no retainer, reminding her that her mother would be upset, but that it was not the end of the world as the student predicted. In an effort to touch on our Three Rocks in the building, we are focusing right now on caring citizens on staff at Hayfield. We also, often refer to a mantra in the building of "Birds fly, Hawks soar," and these three individuals embody that mantra. They are beyond deserving of recognition at the school level and countywide. I am honored to work in the same building as these thoughtful and selfless individuals!"