Kiss and Ride


Hayfield Kiss & Ride Top 10 Needs:

  1. Please think safety first.
  2. Please use the tips below whether there are staff-members present or not.
  3. Please use the designated Hayfield Secondary School Kiss & Ride area which is located at Entrance 9 (1st photo below) off Old Telegraph Rd.
  4. Please release students from vehicles only in the Orange Drop-Off Zone; the zone is recognizable by the orange paint (2nd photo below).
  5. Please pull up to the closest available spot to the beginning of the Orange Drop-Off Zone (3rd photo below).
  6. Please refrain from using the faculty parking lots to drop off students. Students should not walk through the traffic flow. This is unsafe.
  7. Please use the left lane in the Orange Drop-Off Zone only to pass and exit the parking lot. Do not drop off students from the left lane.
  8. Please have students gather all needed materials and wish students a great day prior to entering the Orange Drop-Off Zone.
  9. Please use the same procedures when picking up students in the Kiss & Ride in the afternoons.
  10. Please remember need #1 above.

Kiss and Ride Image 1

Kiss and Ride Image 2

Kiss and Ride Image 3