Tips for New Students

Brought to You by Students 2 Students

Determining Your Classes

First, consult with your counselor about what diploma you are going for (Standard or Advanced), then determine how many credits you'll need and how you’ll obtain them.

Talk to Your Counselor

Don't be afraid of your counselor! They are you're best friends when it comes to choosing classes, college, etc. Before you know it, you'll be the one chasing them down, not the other way around!

Best Time to Use Your Locker

We suggest that you use your locker in the morning (before class), during lunch, and if necessary, during class (but first have your teacher sign your planner)

Joining Clubs

There are a variety of clubs available. They are not limited to any certain type of group (Any one can join!) This is a great way to make new friends from different grades!

Career Center

Go ahead and introduce yourself to Mrs. Ferguson, she'll be there to inform/ assist you in your transition from high school to college.

Use Passing Time Wisely

We only have six minutes to get from one class to another. Use this time to go to the bathroom, your locker, or even drop something off at a teacher’s room.

Log on to Family Connection

Available on your blackboard homepage, this site will allow you to keep track of all your achievements and clubs, as well as give you insight on what colleges are out there and any available scholarships!

Cold Classrooms

Some classrooms tend to get pretty cold. Bring a hoodie or light jacket with you (or keep it in your locker). You’ll need it, especially if you’re sitting next to the a.c!


This is a bit tricky to understand at first, so if you ever get confused on what soar period we’re having, the morning announcements will state it, as well the T.V screens in class.


A Note from the Students:

Dear New Hawk,


Like any student in high school, there will be good and bad days. Don’t let the bad days ruin your Hayfield experience. Remember to work hard, and keep your grades up, but don’t stress out too much. You’re only in high school for 4 short years! Begin planning out what you’ll want to do after high school. It’s never too early or too late to start preparing, because before you know it, you’re already dressed in your cap and gown! Trust us, high school goes by quicker than you think!



Your friends from S2S