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SOAR Time Procedures for the Library:

During SOAR 4:  Students must prearrange to come work in the library during SOAR 4 by getting a ticket from the librarians.  Tickets are available one school day in advance or the morning of SOAR until all tickets are distributed.  Students must bring their ticket along with a signed planner pass once they receive permission from their SOAR 4 teacher.  If students need to return books, check out books, or express print; teachers may send up to two students at a time to the library with just a signed planner pass during the last 10 minutes of the period.  High school students may also get up to two online tickets per month by filling out one of the forms below:

During a rotational SOAR period, teachers may send up to two students at a time to the library with just a signed planner pass.


High School Students Online SOAR Tickets

           You must be logged into your FCPS Google Apps account before clicking on the link.

High school students may choose up to two dates a month for online SOAR tickets.  You can only fill out the form once, so make sure to choose both dates at that time. Once you have completed the form, you will need to bring a signed planner pass, and a copy of your confirmation email on paper or on your phone. Online tickets will be honored at the librarians' discretion and will not be honored for middle school.


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