100 Service Ideas

Service Ideas for Middle School Social Studies Requirements


Ideas borrowed from http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/serviceideas.shtml  

  1. Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead community organizations.
  2. Work in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause.
  3. Take photos during a community event and donate them to the event organizers.
  4. Design a campaign to promote tolerance and understanding of differences.
  5. Volunteer at a health fair.
  6. Volunteer as a counselor at local summer camp.
  7. Volunteer to do office work at a local non-profit agency.
  8. Set up a web page for a non-profit agency.
  9. Volunteer to lead a club of youth.
  10. Share a talent through teaching a class.
  11. Make birthday cards for the elderly (not your own!).
  12. Run or walk in a charity race with friends.
  13. Write a letter to an elected official proposing a way to make the community better.
  14. Volunteer to help at charity or charitable event.
  15. Plan a Veteran’s Day program.
  16. Recognize veterans in your community.
  17. Organize a drive in which winter clothes are donated for use by needy people.
  18. Collect used towels and donate them to the ASPCA or another animal charity.
  19. Decorate a Christmas tree at a nursing home, hospital, school or homeless shelter.
  20. Offer safety tips for youngsters during Halloween.
  21. Conduct an Easter Egg Hunt for needy children.
  22. Make care packages for seniors' residential facility, needy neighbors or homeless shelters.
  23. Babysit and donate the money you earned to a charity.  Get a receipt and turn it in with your project.
  24. Check on an elderly person after school.
  25. Read a book to a younger kid a blind person or an older neighbor.
  26. Cheer up a sick friend with a visit or phone call.
  27. Make get well cards for people in hospitals and convalescent homes.
  28. Knit or crochet baby blankets and donate them to a charity.
  29. Conduct a clothing repair or sewing workshop for needy people.
  30. Plant a tree or present a tree to the parents for each baby born in your community.
  31. Collect used cell phones for a center for abused women.
  32. Write a kids' book author and ask them to donate signed copies, auction the books off and donate the money to local library.
  33. Collect old eyeglasses and donate them to an organization or place that recycles them for the needy. (i.e. Lions Club)
  34. Collect old stuffed animals and dolls, clean them up, repair them and donate them.
  35. Take a life saving class.
  36. Design a flier that will contribute to the betterment of your community.
  37. Volunteer at a police station.
  38. Join a community crime prevention organizations such as DARE or McGruff Program.
  39. Paint over graffiti.
  40. Organize a "get acquainted" lunch for students at your school.
  41. Set up a buddy system to match new students with ones who have attended school.
  42. Start an anti-smoking campaign that encourages students not to smoke.
  43. Make new kid survival kits for new students at the school.
  44. Have your class hold an old DVD drive and donate them to your library.
  45. In art class, make drawings and decorations for senior citizens.
  46. Collect school supplies to give to kids who need them.
  47. Form a study group to help younger kids with their school work.
  48. Collect children's books for the needy.
  49. Tape you and your classmates reading a story and give it to a children's hospital.
  50. Tutor a student that needs help learning English or some other subject.
  51. Conduct a canned goods drive and donate the items to a local food bank.
  52. Assist an after-school little league or other sports program for younger children.
  53. Organize a Safe Walk Service to escort young children to and from schools.
  54. Print out voter registration forms and hand them out to people who are not registered to vote.
  55. Campaign for a candidate who is running for an office.
  56. Help cook and/or serve a meal at homeless shelter.
  57. Gather clothing from your neighbors and donate it to a local shelter.
  58. Make "I Care" kits with combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. for homeless people.
  59. Help with repairs at a local homeless shelter.
  60. Donate art supplies to kids in a homeless shelter.
  61. Make a care package with mittens, socks, T-shirts, etc. for a child at a homeless shelter.
  62. Pack and hand out food at a food bank.
  63. Sponsor a food drive at your school or parent's workplace or business.
  64. Raid your closet and attic to find toys and clothes to donate to a children’s charity.
  65. Assist with sorting and organizing items donated to a homeless shelter.
  66. Make first aid kits for homeless shelters.
  67. Collect items to deliver to homeless shelters (blankets, sheets, towels, toys, books, disposable diapers.)
  68. Volunteer to help at a Special Olympics event.
  69. Volunteer at an agency that works with children with disabilities.
  70. Make gifts with friends for kids in the hospital.
  71. Bring toys to children in the cancer ward of a hospital.
  72. Work with physically challenged kinds on an art project.
  73. Clean a yard for a neighbor who can not do it themselves.
  74. Visit a rehabilitation center. Learn about patients with special needs. Volunteer to help.
  75. Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event or county fair.
  76. Volunteer to help set up for a community event.
  77. Collect supplies for persons who have been in a fire or natural disaster.
  78. Clean an elderly neighbor's driveway and sidewalk after a snowfall.
  79. Clean up after a natural disaster. Lend a helping hand at a local community center.
  80. Serve as a coach for a youth sports team.
  81. Collect Old phone books in your neighborhood for recycling.
  82. Collect aluminum cans and donate the money to a favorite charity.
  83. Form a volunteer lawn mowing service with your friends.
  84. Volunteer at a nursing home.
  85. Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutter or wash windows for a senior citizen.
  86. Pick up medicine for an elderly person.
  87. During bad weather, visit seniors to make sure they have everything they need.
  88. Deliver meals to homebound individuals.
  89. Offer to pick up groceries with/for a senior citizen.
  90. Help senior citizens in your neighborhood obtain and install locks or smoke alarms.
  91. Teach a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet.
  92. Call up elderly people who live on their own to see if they need anything.
  93. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Help clean up, play with the animals, or do whatever's needed to make the shelter a nicer "temporary" home for the animals.
  94. Collect food and supplies needed for a local zoo, animal shelter or food bank.
  95. Volunteer at your local church, mosque, synagogue, etc.
  96. Campaign for a candidate or political party you support.
  97. Join a special interest group that fights for a cause you support.
  98. Volunteer to help a former or current teacher.
  99. Volunteer to help at school sponsored events.
  100. Organize a carwash with your friends and donate the money you earned to an organization or charity you support.  Get a receipt and turn it in with your project.