Inclement Weather Virtual Learning

What to Expect on a Virtual Learning Inclement Weather Day

Virtual learning will be synchronous or live, teacher-led instruction. However, teachers may prepare emergency asynchronous lessons that can be used if they have issues connecting due to power or other unforeseen circumstances.

Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Day Schedule 

  • ALL Middle and High Schools classes will begin at 10:10 am
    • Please note that our schedule starts and ends 10 minutes later than our normal day so that all high schools and secondary schools in the county match. 


Secondary School Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Bell Schedule

1st Block (1st/2nd Period)


2nd Block (3rd/4th Period)




3rd Block (5th/6th Period)


4th Block (7th/8th Period)



Teachers will take attendance in SIS as they would on an in-person day. Students who are unable to connect will be marked absent, but given an opportunity to make up work.

Attendance Form