Hayfield Tutoring is a program initiated by a few of our faculty and staff members here at Hayfield Secondary School that saw a need to help supplement and support the learning process of our Hayfield Students. Our website acts a “one-stop-shop” for resources for tutoring here at Hayfield and in our community. We also wanted a program that would coordinate, collaborate, facilitate, and expedite the process of connecting our students with a tutor to help them progress toward their academic success. Hopefully, as the program grows, we’ll see more qualified volunteers from our school and community participation with the result that we’ll see a school wide improvement in ALL our students academically. No program is a cure all for academic success, and this program in no way is substitutes for the role of the individual teachers, counselors, and honor societies in helping and guiding our students. It is supplemental and voluntary, but hopefully a great support program for our school.


Tutor Request Procedure

  • Students/Parents
    • First, contact your teacher for tutoring availability after school or during the day.
    • Review the page below under “Tutoring Resources” and contact those individuals or organizations directly.
  • Group Tutoring: Teacher/Counselors can contact the coordinators directly.
    • Coordinator will contact tutors and provide the names for teachers to contact directly
    • Teachers will inform the Coordinators of the progress.
  • Parents: For in school tutoring please see “In School (free)” links below for in school resources and contact those resources directly. For Fee /non-fee based Tutoring resources outside the school check the below “Out of School (Fairfax County) links below for tutoring resources and contact the tutors directly.
  • NOTE: TEACHERS---IMPORTANT!!!! If you want to tutor please see the following website (https://www.fcps.edu/resources/family-engagement/tutors-and-tutoring) and read the following FCPS Regulations about FCPS Employees Tutoring.  

Tutor.com (Online Tutoring Service Provided by FCPS)

Tutoring Resources

In School (Free)

Honor Societies (Honor Societies have students who tutor for community hours)

Faculty Tutoring Programs (A few of our faculty have created Programs to assist our students in a variety of subject areas)

  • AVID Club - High School AVID students will be working with students during Club Orange on study skills, organizational skills and tutoring them in their academic subject areas. Students will have an opportunity to learn AVID strategies they can apply every day in their classes.
  • Hawk Writing Center – Stephanie Passino (The Hawk Writing Center was created in the fall of 2013 and is a great resource where Hayfield students can receive feedback and/or help with their writing throughout the entire writing process, from brainstorming to revising to editing. The HWC aims to provide a friendly environment where students can come to share their work with an attentive peer tutor. This collaboration will help them to become confident writers who are more informed of how to express and structure their ideas on paper. The writing center welcomes students with personal, creative, and academic writing in any stage of their process and is looking forward to helping them. 

Volunteers (Coordinators maintain a database of all Tutoring Volunteers both faculty and badged volunteers). They consist of:

  • Faculty (All teachers are usually available to tutor their students after school)
    • Individual Faculty members that volunteer to tutor other students after hours in certain subject areas.
  • Partnerships
    • Coast Guard (Volunteers come to the classroom, during SOAR time, sometimes after school to tutor)
    • Community Organizations (TBA)
  • Parents/Community Individuals (TBA)

Outside of School (Fairfax County)

Free Tutoring                       

Fee Based