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Learn about Hayfield Secondary School including our mission and vision.

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Our Vision

Caring Citizens, Creative Collaborators, Critical Thinkers - SOARing Hawks. 

Our Mission 

Hayfield Secondary School fosters an engaging and challenging educational environment by

  • Respecting and celebrating the diversity of our local and global communities
  • Cultivating the expectation of excellence for all students and staff
  • Providing authentic and relevant learning experiences for a changing world
  • Modeling ‘The Hayfield Way’ through a shared spirit of collaboration and support

Hayfield Guarantees

  • At Hayfield, equity & cultural responsiveness are not just buzzwords. They are central to how we make decisions and how we operate as a PLC. 
  • All Hawks, regardless of experience or position, will embrace a growth mindset, be vulnerable to honest reflection, open to failure, and seek feedback from others.
  • All Hawks will model the Hawk Way by taking care of ourselves, each other, and our school.
  • All Hawks will communicate in a positive, professional, and productive manner to all stakeholders.
  • All Hawks will presume positive intentions and remember that all faculty & staff entered into this profession to help young people, all parents/guardians want what is best for their kids, and all students want to be successful. 
  • At Hayfield, we value students as active and essential participants in their learning and are committed to amplifying student voice in our school and community.  
  • At Hayfield, we acknowledge that in order for our students to achieve academic success we must foster healthy social-emotional growth and affirm the identity and needs of all students. 
  • At Hayfield, we will unapologetically place the needs of our most vulnerable learners at the forefront of what we do.


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