AP/Honors Contact List

AP Coordinator

Julie Riley | [email protected]

Department Chairs

Stephanie Passino


Fine and Performing Arts Stephanie Lewis @email
Mathematics Jack Mika @email
Science Howard Paul @email
Social Studies Doug Zywiol @email
World Languages Nadia Ghosheh @email


AP Teachers Contact Information

If you have questions specific to the AP courses offered at Hayfield, please feel free to contact the course's lead teacher
AP Biology Sue (Sukhaynah) Said @email
AP Calculus AB Melanie Dash @email 
AP Calculus BC John/Jack Mika @email
AP Chemistry Julie Riley  @email
AP Comparative Gov Doug Zywiol Jaimee Johnson @email@email
AP Computer Science A Daria Bergen-Hill @email
AP Drawing Masooma Hussain @email
AP Economics Brian Gillespie @email
AP Environmental Science Kristen Dvorak @email
AP French Laurie Donovan @email
AP Government Doug Zywiol @email
AP Language Vicky Wuerfel Sara Hannon @email@email
AP Literature Brian Hannon @email
AP Literature and Composition Matthew Hendricks @email
AP Physics 1 Stephen Kamanda @email
AP Physics 2 Luke Tonia @email
AP Physics C M Stephen Kamanda @email
AP Psychology Nicole Procaccio @email
AP Research Julie Riley  @email
AP Spanish Jennifer Mathews [email protected]
AP Statistics

John/Jack Mika Brian Oliver


AP US Gov Doug Zywiol @email
AP US History Caitlin Kimak Jamie Austin @email@email
AP World History

Maggie LeGendre Maggie Jones 

Capstone Seminar Kristen Dvorak @email