AP/Honors Contact List

AP Coordinator

Julie Riley | jsriley@fcps.edu

Department Chairs
English Victoria Wuerfel @email
Mathematics Jack Mika @email
Science Howard Paul @email
Social Studies Doug Zywiol @email
Foreign Language Miriam Greenberg @email
Fine Arts Stephanie Lewis SRLewis@fcps.edu
AP Teachers Contact Information
If you have questions specific to the AP courses offered at Hayfield, please feel free to contact the course's lead teacher
AP Art Masooma Hussain @email
AP Biology MaryAnn Jefferson @email
AP Calculus AB Melanie Dash Tom Glynn  @email  Thomas.Glynn@fcps.edu 
AP Calculus BC John/Jack Mika @email
AP Chemistry Luke Tonia Julie Riley  @email @email
AP Comparative Government Doug Zywiol @email
AP Computer Science Brian Oliver @email
AP Economics Brian Gillespie @email
AP English Language

Sara Hannon Bobby Nelson 

@email @email

AP English Language

Sara Hannon Bobby Nelson  Victoria Wuerfel

@email @email @email

AP English Literature Brian Hannon


AP Environmental Science Kristen Berberich @email
AP French Tom Morgan @email
AP Government Doug Zywiol @email
AP Human Geography Wendy Feilen @email
AP Japanese Kyoka Vaughan @email
AP Physics William Hincher @email
AP Physics 2 Geoffrey Pietrovito @email
AP Psychology Mary Shoukat @email
AP Spanish Jennifer Mathews Jlmathews1@fcps.edu
AP Statistics

John/Jack Mika Brian Oliver

@email @email

AP US History Caitlin Kimak Jamie Austin @email @email
AP World History

Maggie LeGendre Maggie Jones 

@email @email