Transcript Requests

The process for obtaining school transcripts

Transcript Request Procedures (Hayfield Secondary School)

Transcript Assistant

Beth Peterson | [email protected]703-924-7409 | 703-924-7487 FAX 


Senior Transcript Requests

Current seniors should use Hayfield's Transcript Request Form. (Signed form due to your counselor at least four weeks prior to college/ scholarship deadline)

  • Other forms such as our such as our school counselor recommendation questionnaire, our parent questionnaire form, our student activity record template, and our Common App cheat sheet can be found on our college application forms page.


Transcript Request for Former Students Who Graduated Within the Last Five Years

1- All requests must be made in writing.

2- Transcripts cost $5 each with cash, check, or money order payable to Hayfield Secondary School.

3- Download the Alumni Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request Procedures (FCPS Central Office)

Transcript Requests for Former Students Who Graduated More Than Five Years Ago

  • If you graduated from Hayfield Secondary School more than five years ago, your transcript is held at the FCPS Records Center. Please call 703-329-7741 or email Records Center at @email.

Graduated More Than Five Years Ago?