High School Course Selection/Academic Advising

High School Course Selections and Planning


Virtual Curriculum Fair

Welcome to our Virtual Curriculum Fair.  Please review the videos and materials below for details on our course offerings.  This information will be instrumental during academic advising and course selection in January, February and March.

***For the full listing of courses and descriptions, please access the Hayfield Course Catalogues and Course Selection Forms linked below.*** 


Career and Technical Education


English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Fine Arts

AP Art 2D Design (Video coming soon.)

AP Studio Art-Draw (Video coming soon.)

Digital Art 1 - 4

Photography 1 - 3

Stud Art & Des 1 - 4 (Video coming soon.)



AP Capstone 1: Seminar

AP Capstone 2: Research

AVID (Video coming soon.)

Leadership Training (SGA) (Video coming soon.)

Health and PE


Performing Arts


Social Studies

Special Education

To enroll into the following courses, please contact your student’s IEP case manager or the Hayfield Special Education office at 703-924-7450.  Special education classes must be documented on your student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) prior to enrollment. T

All of the courses listed below have been explained in this combined video.

Adapted Health & PE

Career Prep


Life Skills

Literacy Essentials

Literacy Lab

Personal Development

Strategies for Success


World Languages

Additional Resources