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School Address: 7630 Telegraph Rd Alexandria, VA 22315

CEEB Code: 470028

School Web Curator: Mindy Klein |

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Quick Contacts Phone Number/Email
Main Office 703-924-7400
Main Office Fax 703-924-7497
Middle School Office Fax 703-924-7569
Middle School Finance- Jen Beyreuther | 703-924-7415
High School Finance - Patti Bohlin | 703-924-7416
Attendance 703-924-7419

Student Services  

     Middle School 703-924-7522
     High School 703-924-7422
Student Activities 703-924-7472
School Psychologist  
     Middle School 703-924-7525
     HIgh School 703-924-7406
Security Office  703-924-4769
College and Career Center                 703-924-7424
High School Testing Office 703-924-7407
Transcripts Office 703-924-7409
Library 703-924-7412