High School Clubs and Activities

Please be advised that this is the most up-to-date list of High School Clubs as of November 16, 2020.  Be sure to keep checking back as clubs are added throughout the school year.  Attached is a description of the clubs and activities offered at Hayfield.      Club%20Descriptions_1_0_3.docx

Registered Club/Activity Faculty Sponsor(s) Meeting Locations 
ACE Dereck Turner | @email Room 007
American Sign Language (ASL) Jack Mika | jjmika@fcps.edu Room 1373
Anime Club


Arabic Club Hoda Alnazer | halnazer@fcps.edu Room 2475
Asian Student Union Ghil Hong | gohong@fcps.edu TBD
Astronomy Club

Patricia Allison | @email

Luke Tonia | ljtonia@fcps.edu

Room 1509
Athletic Training Student Aide

Tay McCallum | temccallum@fcps.edu

Jami Culbertson | jculbertson@fcps.edu

Room 1615


*This is a class that meets during the school day

CaSandra Davis Perrilliat |@email

Carmen Lofton Johnson | @email

Christina Ward | caward@fcps.edu

Olfa Sliti | osliti@fcps.edu


Band - Concert Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Band - Marching Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Band - Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Best Buddies

Cece Lamoreau | cmlamoreau@fcps.edu

Nancy Jackonis | nvjackonis@fcps.edu

Room 2412
BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year) STEM Mentor Dereck Turner | @email Room 002
Blood Donors Club Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Book Club Mindy Klein | @email Library

Broadcast Journalism

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Danny Howick | @email Library (Studio)
Business Honor Society Megan Mutscheller | @email

Room 1347

Chorus/Hayfield Chorale Sherry Doyle | smdoyle@fcps.edu Room 1525
Class of 2021 Glynnis Brown | @email Room 1308
Class of 2022 Maggie Jones | @email Room 2417
Class of 2023 Caitlin Kimak | @email Room 2414
Class of 2024 Margaret VonKolnitz | mmvonkolniz@fcps.edu TBD
Coding Club Daria Bergen-Hill | debergenhill@fcps.edu Room 1383
College Partnership

Dereck Turner | @email

Carmen Lofton | @email

Corey Gilmore | acgilmore@fcps.edu

Room 002
Color Guard Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Dance Team Chelsea Koryak | @email Cafeteria
Debate Mackoy Turpen | @email TBD
DECA Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Drama Pat Mitchell | @email Room 1510
Educators Rising Ritchie DeBruler | @email Room 1314
English Honor Society Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Environmental Club Kristen Dvorak | kmdvorak@fcps.edu Room 1326
Ethiopian-Eritrean Society Brian Hannon | bjhannon@fcps.edu Room 2461
Every Mind Matters

Robin Powell | @email Laura White | llwhite@fcps.edu

Family, Community & Career Leaders (FCCLA) Ritchie DeBruler | @email Regina Ransom | raransom@fcps.edu Room 1314/1306
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Matthew Hendricks | @email Room 257
Film Club Kris Long | KLLong@fcps.edu Room 2460
First Generation American Alliance TBD TBD
Forensics Taryss Mandt | @email  
French Club Olfa Sliti | osliti@fcps.edu Room 2424
French Honor Society Laurie Donovan | lmdonovan@fcps.edu Room 2431
Frisbee Club Robin Wilburn | rmwilburn@fcps.edu Room 1387
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Megan Mutscheller | @email Room 1347
Future Medical Professionals TBD TBD
Girls Supporting Girls

Caitlin Kimak | cekimak@fcps.edu

Elizabeth Busch | eabusch@fcps.edu

Room 2426
Girls Who Code TBD TBD

Wendy Feilen | wjfeilen@fcps.edu

Kris Long | @email 

Room 2414/2460

H2N Student Newsmagazine

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Brittany Eckard | @email Room 2445
Hawks International Elizabeth Crowe | @email Room 1341
Hawks League of Gamers

Cathy Denison | cadenison@fcps.edu

Gil Hong | @email

Hawk Pantry

Vicki Wuerfel | vkwuerfel@fcps.edu

Julie Riley | jsriley@fcps.edu

Room 2466
Hawk Writing Center Stephanie Passino | @email Room 2457
Hayfield Audio Technicians (HALT) Pat Mitchell | @email Auditorium
Hayfield Black Student Union

Sequoyah Cottoms | sscottoms@fcps.edu

Quincy Green | qjgreen@fcps.edu

Charlai Steelman | @email

Hayfield Helping Hands Club Elizabeth Crow | ecrowe1@fcps.edu  Room 1341
Hayfield Technical Honor Society Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Hayfield's K-Pella Stephanie Lewis | @email Chorus Room
Hispanic Student Union

Linda Oliva | loliva@fcps.edu

Elizabeth Busch | eabusch@fcps.edu

Room 2446
Humanities Club/ Humanities Honor Society Wendy Feilen | @email Room 2413
It's Academic Brian Oliver | bjoliver@fcps.edu Room 1371
Japanese Club Kyoko Vaughan | @email Room 2428
Japanese Honor Society Kyoko Vaughan | @email Room 2428
Jazz Lab Band Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524


*This is a class that meets during the school day

Devin Ruhl |@email  Room 003A
Latin Club (Junior Classical League) Nadia Ghosheh | @email Room 2474
Latin Honor Society Nadia Ghosheh | @email Room 2474
Leo Club Jack Mika | @email Room 1373
Literary Magazine - "Wingspan" Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Math Team Thomas Glynn | @email Room 1379
Math Honor Society Jack Mika | @email Room 1373
Mock Trial Mary Lynn Rynkiewicz | @email Room 2459
Mud Club Casey Shannon | cshannon@fcps.edu Room 1119
Muslim Youth Club Humera Sheikh | hssheikh@fcps.edu Room 2418
National Art Honor Society Tressa Breton | tbreton1@fcps.edu Room 1121
National Honor Society (NHS) Corey Gilmore | @email Howard Paul | @email Sharon Paul | @email Washington Hall
Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Physics Club Stephen Kamanda |@email Room 1323
Poetry Slam Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Robotics Club

Joey Kerns | @email Dereck Turner | @email

Room 001
Science Honor Society Julia Riley | @email Patricia Allison | @email  
Science Olympiad Club

Patricia Allison | @email 

Luke Tonia | @email

Room 1346


*This is a class that meets during the school day.  

Cece Lamoreau | cmlamoreau@fcps.edu

Maggie LeGendre | @email

Room 014
Sinfonietta Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Symphonic Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Skills USA Donna Holshey | @email John Terrien | @email Janet Scheid | @email Room 1338, 004
Social Awareness Humera Sheikh | @email Room 2418
Spanish Honor Society

Jennifer Mathews | @email

Elizabeth Busch | @email

Step Team

Carmen Lofton | @email

Chiquita Riddick | criddick@fcps.edu

Student Athletic Trainers Club Tay McCallum | @email Jami Culbertson | @email Room 1615

Student Council Association/Student Advisory Council (SCA/SAC) 

*This is through the Leadership Class that meets during the school day.

Maggie LeGendre| @email Cece Lamoreau | @email Room 014
Students 2 Students (S2S)

Devin Ruhl | deruhl@fcps.edu

Michael Matthews | mwmatthews@fcps.edu

Super Smash Club Luke Tonia | @email Room 1316
Table Tennis Monica Pena | mbpena@fcps.edu Room 1302
Tabletop and D&D TBD TBD
The Hawk Pantry Vicky Wuerfel | vkwuerfel@fcps.edu Room 2466
Thespian Society Pat Mitchell | @email Room 1510
Tri-M Music Honor Society Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1525
TSA (Technology Student Association) Dereck Turner | @email Room 001

Yearbook (Harvester)

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Brittany Eckard | @email Room 2446
Yoga Club Jaimee Johnson | jrjohnson@fcps.edu Room 2405

Young Democrats


Doug Zywiol | @email Eugenio Fischer | eafischer@fcps.edu

Room 2418
Young Musicians Julie Riley | @email Room 1348
Young Republicans Tim Busch | @email Room 2410