High School Clubs and Activities

Please be advised that this is the most up-to-date list of High School Clubs as of November 28, 2022.  Be sure to keep checking back as clubs are added throughout the school year.  In keeping with Hayfield's Vision and Mission Statement, all students are welcomed to attend any of the clubs listed below.  We celebrate the diversity of our local school communities and will model "The Hayfield Way" through a shared spirit of collaboration and support. Attached is a description of the clubs and activities offered at Hayfield.   Club Descriptions_1_0_4_3.docx


Fairfax County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all clubs and activities.  The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies as they relate to student activities and athletics: Bill Curran, Director Activities and Athletics Fairfax County Public Schools @email


Registered Club/Activity Faculty Sponsor(s) Meeting Locations 
ACE Dereck Turner | @email Room 007
Afghan Student Association TBD TBD
American Red Cross Linda Oliva | [email protected] Room 2446
American Sign Language (ASL) Jack Mika | [email protected] Room 1373
Anime Club

Kyoko Vaughan | [email protected]

Room 2431
Arabic Cultural Awareness Club Raja Slimani | [email protected]  Room 2475
Asian Student Union Brian Hannon | [email protected] Room 2461
Astronomy Club

Patricia Allison | @email

Room 1509
Athletic Training Student Aide

Tay McCallum | [email protected]

Jami Culbertson | [email protected]

Room 1615


*This is a class that meets during the school day


Carmen Lofton Johnson | @email

Christina Ward | [email protected]

Olfa Sliti | [email protected]


Band - Concert Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Band - Marching Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Band - Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Best Buddies


BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year) STEM Mentor Dereck Turner | @email Room 002
Black Girls United TBD TBD
Blood Donors Club Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Book Club Christina Heslink | [email protected] Library

Broadcast Journalism

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Danny Howick | @email Library (Studio)
Business Honor Society Megan Mutscheller | @email

Room 1347

Chess Club Megan Mutscheller | @email Room 1347
Chorus/Hayfield Chorale Melissa Torres | [email protected] Room 1525
Class of 2023

Maggie LeGendre | [email protected]

Christa Shiley | [email protected]

Room 2415
Class of 2024 Liam Mullen | [email protected] Room 2407
Class of 2025 Ben Bernier | [email protected] Room 2414
Class of 2026 Monica Pena | [email protected] Room 1302
Coding Club Daria Bergen-Hill | [email protected] Room 1383
College Partnership

Dereck Turner | @email

Carmen Lofton | @email

Corey Gilmore | [email protected]

Room 002
Color Guard Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524
Dance Team Laura Gjere | [email protected] HS Lecture Hall
Debate Sarah Bassil | [email protected] TBD
DECA Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Drama Pat Mitchell | @email Room 1510
Educators Rising Ritchie DeBruler | @email Room 1314
English Honor Society Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Environmental Club

Kristen Dvorak | [email protected]

Room 1326
Ethiopian-Eritrean Society

Megan Mutscheller | [email protected]

Andrea Wells | [email protected]

Room 1347
Every Mind Matters

Robin Powell | @email

Family, Community & Career Leaders (FCCLA) Ritchie DeBruler | @email Regina Ransom | [email protected] Room 1314/1306
Fellowship of Christian Athletes TBD TBD
Film Club Kris Long | [email protected] Room 2460
First Generation American Alliance TBD TBD
Forensics Robyn Andrews | [email protected] Room 2469
French Club Olfa Sliti | [email protected] Room 2424
French Honor Society Laurie Donovan | [email protected] Room 2431
Frisbee Club TBD TBD
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Megan Mutscheller | @email Room 1347
Future Medical Professionals Shahina Rahman | [email protected] Room 1329
Girls Supporting Girls

Margaret VonKolnitz | [email protected]

Room 2413
Girls Who Code TBD TBD

Kris Long | @email 

Room 2460

H2N Student Newsmagazine

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Brittany Eckard | @email Room 2445
Hawks International TBD TBD
Hawks League of Gamers


Hawk Pantry

Matt Hendricks | [email protected]

Room 2466
Hawk Student Ambassadors (HSA)

Alex Dooling | [email protected]

Michael Matthews | [email protected]

See Schoology
Hawk Writing Center Stephanie Passino | @email Room 2457
Hawks for Hero's Matthew Hendricks | [email protected] Room 2466
Hayfield Audio Technicians (HALT) Pat Mitchell | @email Auditorium
Hayfield Black Student Union

Bryan Hill | [email protected]

Hayfield Helping Hands Club Ritchie DeBruler | [email protected] Room 1314
Hayfield Technical Honor Society Lynn Hendricks | @email Room 1333
Hayfield's K-Pella TBA TBA
Hayfield UNICEF Monica Pena | [email protected] Room 1302
Hispanic Student Union

Linda Oliva | [email protected]

Elizabeth Busch | [email protected]

Room 2446
Humanities Club/ Humanities Honor Society

Jaime Austin | [email protected]

Molly Steadman | [email protected]

Doug Zywiol | [email protected] 

Room 2408
It's Academic Pam Cook | [email protected] Room 1372
Japanese Club Kyoko Vaughan | @email Room 2428
Japanese Honor Society Kyoko Vaughan | @email Room 2428
Jazz Lab Band Robert Specketer | @email Room 1524


*This is a class that meets during the school day

Devin Ruhl |@email  Room 003A
Key Club Brian Hannon | [email protected] Room 2461
Latin Club (Junior Classical League) Nadia Ghosheh | @email Room 2474
Latin Honor Society Nadia Ghosheh | @email Room 2474
Leo Club Jack Mika | @email Room 1373
Literary Magazine - "Wingspan" Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Math Team Thomas Glynn | @email Room 1379
Math Honor Society Jack Mika | @email Room 1373
Mock Trial Jessica Scharl | [email protected] Room 2443
Model UN

Margaret Von Kolnitz | [email protected]

Room 2413

Mud Club Casey Shannon | [email protected] Room 1119
Muslim Youth Club Humera Sheikh | [email protected] Room 2418
National Art Honor Society Tressa Breton | [email protected] Room 1121
National Honor Society (NHS)

Howard Paul | [email protected]

Sharon Paul | [email protected]

Cory Gilmore | [email protected]

Nexus Hawks Andrea Wells | [email protected] Room 1349
Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Physics Club Stephen Kamanda |@email Room 1323
Poetry Slam Brian Hannon | @email Room 2461
Robotics Club

Joey Kerns | @email Dereck Turner | @email

Room 001
Science Honor Society Julia Riley | @email Patricia Allison | @email  
Science Olympiad Club

Patricia Allison | @email 

Room 1346
Student Equity Council TBD TBD


*This is a class that meets during the school day.  

Jaime Austin | [email protected]

Pam Cook | [email protected]

Maggie Jones | m[email protected]

Room 014
Sinfonietta Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Symphonic Orchestra Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1512
Skills USA Donna Holshey | @email John Terrien | @email Janet Scheid | @email Room 1338, 004
Social Awareness Selam Sertsu | [email protected] Room 2418
Spanish Honor Society

Jennifer Mathews | @email

Elizabeth Busch | @email

Spanish Speakers Club Eugenio Fischer | [email protected] Room 2425
Step Team

Carmen Lofton | @email

Chiquita Riddick | [email protected]

Student Athletic Trainers Club Tay McCallum | @email Jami Culbertson | @email Room 1615

Student Council Association/Student Advisory Council (SCA/SAC) 

*This is through the Leadership Class that meets during the school day.

Jaime Austin | [email protected] Pam Cook | [email protected]

Maggie Jones | [email protected]

Room 014
Super Smash Club TBD TBD
Table Tennis Monica Pena | [email protected] Room 1302

Tabletop and D&D



Joey Kerns | [email protected] 



Room 2403



Thespian Society Pat Mitchell | @email Room 1510
Tri-M Music Honor Society Kerri Shelfo | @email Room 1525
TSA (Technology Student Association) Dereck Turner | @email Room 001
Women's Activism 

Robin Wilburn | [email protected]

Danette Short | [email protected]

Room 1387


Yearbook (Harvester)

*This is a class that meets during the school day

Brittany Eckard | @email Room 2446
Yoga Club TBD TBD

Young Democrats


Doug Zywiol | @email Ben Bernier | [email protected]

Room 2418
Young Musicians TBD TBD
Young Republicans Tim Busch | @email Room 2410