Accipiter - Middle School Yearbook

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School Picture Day(s) for grades 7-8

Please mark your calendars for November 5th, which will be our last school-wide picture day for anyone who has not already been photographed. The schedule/plan is coming soon.

Picture Day Info for Virtual/Online Students:

Virtual students, students who previously took PE online, or students who take their courses online can stop by during our additional photo day on November 5th. The schedule for November 5th will be coming soon.

Order this year’s school pictures!

If you’d like to order your student’s school picture for the 2021-2022 school year, please visit this website: When prompted for the code, you just need to enter your student’s ID number.


Pre-order your 2021-2022 Yearbook Now!  with code 13038


Share candid photos with the yearbook staff

The best way to secure your spot in the yearbook is to submit CURRENT 2021-2022 photos of you and your friends. Sharing photos with us is easy! Just go to with code 13038. There’s an app as well.

Any questions? Contact Ms. Stephanie Passino