Accipiter - Middle School Yearbook

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How do I order my 2020 Middle School yearbook?


School Portrait/ Picture Day Information

We are happy to announce that a plan is now in place for school pictures for grades 7-11. Please review this PDF for detailed information. If you choose to submit your own portraits to the yearbook, please be mindful of the February 15 deadline.

How can I submit candid pictures to the yearbook?

  • You can submit pictures using eshare found on the page code 13038.
  • Click on the box at the bottom right corner that says "Share Images."

What types of candid pictures are we looking for?

Here are some topics that we are currently looking for pictures of...

  • Summer Vacations (Summer 2020)
  • Travel Leagues/Out of School Sports Involvement/Staying Fit During COVID
  • Back to School Pictures/Tech Setup/Distance Learning Space
  • New Normal (Daily Routine, etc.)/School Lunches/Healthy Eating
  • Staying Connected/Pets/Family Photobombing of Virtual School
  • Mask Fashion/Trends/Quarantine Chic
  • Holiday Decorating/Celebrations (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc.)
  • Community Projects (food banks, making masks for donations, etc.)
  • Watching Shows/TikTok/Music Playlist/Watching Netflix Together but Apart/Video Games
  • Boredom Busters (How you're escaping screen time)
  • Clubs Meeting Virtually
  • CTE/Electives
  • Vacations While Doing Online School
  • Anything else you feel should be included!


How much does it cost to have a name printed on my yearbook?

 Deadline for ordering customization is January 18th, 2021

A one line custom imprinted name costs an additional $5 and can be selected as an option when ordering your yearbook online.