Helpful Hints for the Parents of Middle Schoolers

Middle school students are in for a tremendous transition. Not long ago, these students had only one teacher. Going from having one teacher to having seven teachers can be overwhelming. Although middle school students look more like adults every day, they still need their parent’s devoted assistance. How can parents most appropriately help their children be successful middle school students?


  • Read the syllabus for each of your child’s classes. The syllabus will provide you with information on the teacher’s attendance policy, grading policy, and classroom and academic expectations.
  • Assignment Notebook (planner, agenda): All students are given an assignment notebook. Parents can help children by requiring them to record all homework assignments. If parents are concerned about the accuracy of what their children write, parents can require children to obtain a teacher’s signature, verifying the accuracy of the assignment.
  • Homework Check: Parents can ask their children to see their completed homework daily and ensure that they keep up with their studies by making sure they don’t save homework until the end of the night.
  • Designated Study time and place: Parents should set aside time each day that is dedicated to homework. If students do not have enough homework to fill all of the designated time, they should read. All students should have a study area that is free of distractions and contains a study survival kit.
  • Study Survival Kit: This kit should consist of pens, pencils, paper, scissors, stapler, and any other supplies that may be necessary for completing homework.
  • Communicate with Teachers: You can communicate with your child’s teachers by the student planner, e-mail, or by calling the office
  • Practice opening a locker: You can purchase a combination lock and practice

Created by Anna R. Brussel