Required and Optional School Forms

Below you will find the annual forms you will need to fill out for each student to start the new school year. Please complete all of the required forms as soon as possible.

Required & Optional Forms- Complete before August 21, 2023

FCPS is offering a new online option where parents can easily update their child’s information!  The Online Verification Update packet or OVU will allow parents to review and update phone numbers, emergency contacts and health information (such as health conditions and immunizations) for students in grades PS/HS  and kindergarten through 12th grade.   Enrolling parents* will be able to access OVU through their SIS ParentVUE account.

Parents must have an active SIS ParentVUE Account to access and complete the OVU packet.

Parents can obtain an activation key letter to activate their SIS ParentVUE account by contacting their child’s school or by submitting the Parent Support Request form (select Online Registration in the application dropdown menu) for assistance with this process.

Important:  Do not use the OVU packet if your address has changed or if you moved to another FCPS school.  Contact the current school directly to complete address updates or to withdraw and transfer your student to the new school.

Required Forms: 

Optional Forms:

Annual Notice of Survey, Records, Curriculum, Privacy, and Related Rights and Opt-Out Forms

Homeless Student Referral 

Military Connected Student. (Also available electronically in the Online Verification Update packet)

Form for All Hayfield Middle School Students Only