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Mission Statement:

H2N Newsmagazine is a student-written and edited publication that aims for objectivity in its reporting and encourages student and faculty input. We strive to achieve balance, accuracy, and timeliness in everything we report.


Editorial Policy:

  • H2N is the official student-produced medium of news and information produced by Journalism 1-4 students at Hayfield Secondary School. H2N content does not undergo prior review by administration or faculty. The adviser coaches and discusses content with staff members, but student editors make final decisions on content.
  • We are an open forum for student expression for high school students at Hayfield Secondary School.
  • We exercise our rights to freedom of speech while adhering to FCPS guidelines in regulation 2612 and as such our student editorial board assumes complete legal responsibility for the content of the publication.
  • Materials that are considered illegal, libelous or profane by the Editorial Board will not be printed.
  • H2N does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, nationality, or on matters relating to sexuality, religion, or political affiliation.



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